Can't calibrate ESC's (constant beeping)

So after messing around with the trim sliders I got this at lower 1067 high 1800~:
There is a different sounding extra “beep” but nothing else changed

Sooooo, if I get another transmitter would that solve my problem?

Why the f. not, like, I bought at least 3 versions of motors/ESC’s/flight controllers and some other equipment by now… why not do the same for transmitters and receivers!!!

At this point, I regret trying to build a drone but I have to finish what I started. Do you guys think if I get another transmitter/receiver it would solve my problem? If so which one should I get?

Frankly you should be able to get a Arducopter/Pixhawk quad flying with any 6 chan radio. Personally I wouldn’t use a radio that didn’t run OpenTx. The best budget option for that is probably the Radiomaster TX12. Along with these radios come a bit of a learning curve but you should be able to get it configured and bound to a cheap Rx, which you will also have to buy,easily enough.

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I will try to get my “transmitter” checked on my “trusty” hobby shop, as them if it’s working properly.
If I can’t get it working I will get a new receiver and transmitter.
Thank you

Even just get a reciever that outputs all RC channels on one RC output and do away with that converter. It will have to be a reciever that works witb your transmitter. And make sure the transmitter is not in Helicopter mode or something weird.

Is that a 4chan transmitter? You know where it says Channels FOUR on the front to the right of FS-T4B? That won’t work for Arducopter anyway. Ask at that Hobby Shop what channel to use for Flight Modes. That should be comical.

BTW-I have a really nice local Hobby Shop 5 miles from my house. It’s large, well stocked and the people working there are nice to deal with. But they are Clueless when it comes to DIY Multirotors. I ask, they say they don’t know know, and I smile and go look around for what I want. I know what to expect, it’s not a big deal, happy to give them my money. Have a question about an RC Car or a Plane (without Flight Controllers) and they will have the answer and the parts.

Hey, I am so interested on your solution. Could you find any solution and could you flight your drone???