Building an autopilot from scratch using a RaspBerryPi Zero : Mini Zee

Thanks for the tip, but I’m not that into the code yet… I found that the PCA address is defined here:

This is the same address that pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo i2cdetect -y 1 displays…

Has anyone tested that this code works?:

@ppoirier is there any chance you still have the arducopter binary you compiled for your project still?

I tried to compile from the Erle fork, but it seems the waf code is broken in their fork :frowning:

Well. I might try building it , where did you get your RT kernel ?
What cross compiler are you using for the RPI Zero ?

I followed this tutorial for the RT kernel:

You need to add the following to the first line in cmdline.txt, for USB to work:
dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=0 dwc_otg.fiq_enable=0 dwc_otg.nak_holdoff=0

I have used the regular tools provided by raspberry:

@JAR4x4 Pretty good blog
I will dust off the pxfmini during xmas break , hook-up to a RPI Zero and build new image
Unfortunately, I did not kept any copy of old image.

Awsome, thanks! :slight_smile:

Can it be that the problems are related to kernel 4.14?

I will try anyways with an older raspbian version and se if that helps.

Any other advice on how I can try to debug this issue?

Hi guys,

Sorry to Bring An old post back to life. I am looking for a pxfmini for my raspberry Pi zero. Apparently Erle has gone out of business. It seems like the topic starter has the diagram info for this Autopilot. Would you be kind enough to share this with me? A colleague of mine makes circuit boards so he could build it for me.

Kind regards and a happy 2020!

OMG… this is quite old stuff
Problem is that code is not up to date , it is not maintained and it is not stable.
I dont have electronic copy of the schematics.

Alternatively, You may look at this:

Hopping into this thread…
The build page you linked takes no code from the the Erle site- would this then mean that it would still be stable?

Patching the new kernel for RT could be challenging
Other issue is the PWM RCIN as the DMA is not working properly with latest releases , that is not a problem if you are using a serial type of receiver , but then you are out of available serial for telemetry and GPS

Thanks for the info. I’ll be promptly switching back to the F7 train now. :slight_smile:

Hi Lance and Mr. Poirier,

A word of warning if you ever end up using a PCA9685 without an external clock: per page 14 of the datasheet, the bit that turns off the internal clock is a “sticky bit” meaning that the device must be power cycled before it can be be cleared. This led me to think that my changes to the code weren’t working when actually, changing the external_clock Boolean to false didn’t affect the state of the device until I powered it off.

Good luck with your F7!