Battery size and capacity for 3DR Iris please?

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what is the maximum mah limit on the battery that we can use for iris+ can we use a 6100 or a 6000 mah 3S?

Yes, you can use a 6000 or 6100 battery in the IRIS. The mah size does not matter.
Should not use a battery larger than 3s.
Also the weight of the battery will come into play as the mah size gets bigger. 400g load capacity.

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i’d like to bring that Thread back to life again! I am a happy new IRIS+ owner and I am currently trying to find out, who i could improve flight time. Currently I just have the stock 3DR battery and charger, which comes with the Iris.

So i found these thread and what i can resume is, that the mAh Size does not matter, and that you should use 3s batteries - both because of the weight. What about Voltage and Discharge ( C ) numbers?
Which are the important numbers to improve flight time?

Thanks for help!

Nobody here who switched to another battery, which improved flight time, and who can give me some advise what to buy?

Hi HB,
Here is an article which explains Lipo battery terminology and a lot more: … formation/

In short, the only number that effects flight time directly is the mAh rating, however, the higher this rating the greater the physical size and weight. So be sure the battery will physically fit in the battery compartment and that IRIS+ can lift it and any other loads (gimbal, camera, FPV, etc. Since the stock battery, with connector, is already a tight fit, you won’t be able to go much bigger. The battery MUST be 3S and 8C is plenty for IRIS+. High performance craft require higher C.

PS: The way you fly, the wind and the load also affect flight time. The more sedate you are your movements the longer you get to fly!