Auwsume HexSoon EDU 450

Ive watched your video and those plates are not good,when I got mine they were perfect and not one problem with the kit and like you I have used the printed cube and pdb mounts I really love the Hexson

Hopefully I just got unlucky with bad plates that somehow slipped through QC & after seeing them the supplier will send me replacements - I don’t really want to have to spend ages filing them by hand!

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The supplier I bought from sent me a replacement which arrived yesterday & the carbon plates in this one are fine. I built it quickly last night hoping to fly it this morning (component/antenna positions are not final!) but it ended up being too windy so we just flew FPV quads.

I used the 3D printable parts shared earlier in this thread, but I did have to move the holes 0.4mm further apart left/right on the Cube Mount.stl part in order for them to line up properly with the slots in the top carbon plate?

I also very quickly designed a battery plate to go under the bottom carbon plate, so I don’t have to strap the battery straight to the carbon - the LiPo packs I am going to use would end up pressing/rubbing against the exposed ends of the bolts if I did that. I mounted it with some brass standoffs to give enough separation from the frame to easily loop velcro straps through.

EDU450_battery_tray.stl (524.3 KB)


great that you got sorted out its a great frame bit of kit I have a battery plate under mine,have fun and enjoy

Thanks for posting the assembly pics, They are helping me quit a bit. But now I realize how atrocious my soldering skills are :unamused:. I keep messing up my order of assembly too. I’m still waiting on my Durandal and my Radio so I’m trying not to rush but my soldering is a little botched right now and I’ll revisit that in the day light.


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Did a short maiden flight this morning. I I wasn’t planning to use the included GPS stalk long term, but it turns out I can’t use it at all. It oscillates so badly during flight that I was worried it was literally going to break, so landed after only a minute or so. Time to design something for the 3D printer.

First proper flight with the new GPS mount :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks pretty good, I did my maiden flight yesterday with good success. I was running a 2200mah battery and saw about 10 minutes of flight time. I didn’t notice any odd vibrations or anything. I definitely want to get a larger battery and maybe in the meantime put my two 2200’s in parallel. But I think I would like a 5000-7000mah battery. I have yappu scripts running with the Jumper R8 feeding the telemetry. I tried out stabilize, loiter, circle, and RTL.

I need to read up on the autotune, anyone have advice on running that. I had it on my radio and turned it one for a bit and I was expecting it to twitch but it just seemed to hold gps and kept creeping up about 200-250ft so I took it down.

As I recall you were running a 5000mah? What did you see as far as flight time with that? I was also wondering if someone can advise me on what C rating I would want to make sure I stay above.


Getting 10 minutes on a 2200mAh sounds a bit optimistic to me, what voltage are you discharging to? I was using 4000mAh 15C 4S, which realistically gives ~15 minutes. You don’t need a particularly high C rating for something like this, it’s not like a race quad.

Autotune should simply be a case of activating it from loiter or position hold, then letting it do its thing. You can either set up a separate switch for autotune & activate it when your mode switch is in loiter/position hold, or you can just use the mode switch with no additional switch for autotune, by configuring your modes so that autotune is adjacent to loiter/position hold.

Once autotune has completed, you can compare the new tune to the old tune by switching in & out of autotune. If you land & disarm in autotune the new tune will save, if you land not in autotune the new tune will not save.

If you don’t have enough flight time in a single battery to complete the process, you can set AUTOTUNE_AXES to just do a single axis at a time. That way you can do one flight to autotune the pitch axis, land & swap battery, do a second flight to autotune the roll axis, etc.

I’ve made a few videos about this in the past, which are still relevant with the current version of Copter.


I use a 10000mah 4S battery on this one, and it flew almost 30 minutes. Great frame, ESC and motor combination.

Hi all, I’m really appreciate you posting your experience with the EDU 450! I have four of these kits that we are going to use for University research. I’m curious if anyone out there has used ecalc (or similar) to do thrust calculations for this quad, and if so, what it predicted? My attempts predicted very low thrust (screenshot below), so I think I’ve made an error, or bad assumption…

Not sure if this link will work or not…|air_2216-880_(air_gear_450)&cooling=good&gear=1&propeller=master_airscrew&diameter=10&pitch=4.5&blades=2&project=Hexsoon

Peter, thank you for the attempt. The link takes me to ecalc, but many of the fields are empty. It appears you have the “full” version of ecalc, so you have access to more choices of battery, motor, etc.

Could you paste a screen shot?

Hmm have they change the landing gear i just picked one up

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Hi buddy what was the current draw can we use hex mini brick ?

Yes you can use the mini brick

Has anyone had any success getting a camera gimbal to fit this frame? Maybe something like an Infinity MR-S2 from HD AirStudio? Or is that entirely too big. Thanks.

That gimbal would never fit on this. 1.3KG with camera! Really too small for anything other than an old GoPro gimbal. But you could hard mount a Hero 9 and its stabilization is better than any hobby gimbal anyway. My 2 cents.

Ah okay thanks @Marc_Dornan. Yeah I’d love a smaller frame like this that I could get a nice camera on like an a6500. Any suggestions?


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