Are there plan to support Tricopter layout for quadplane?

I’m working on building hybrid copter/plane with Rotorbits equipment. Would like to use a tricopter design. Are there plans to extend quadplane to the tricopter layout? If so, is it a long way off? Thanks.

Currently there are no one working on this from our DEV group as we are mostly concentrating on quad-plane setups. You are most welcome to start developing this feature and if you do, don’t forget to commit your changes to master repository.
@tridge will be best to answer on quad-plane development.

hi Mark,
It would be very easy to support tricopters as a compile time build option, but considerably harder to support them as something that can be chosen as a parameter (using Q_FRAME_CLASS). This is because the quadplane code wants to see a single C++ class for all frame types. The tri code is done as a subclass with a different parameter table layout.
Are you a programmer that is comfortable building your own firmware?
Cheers, Tridge

Tridge. Thanks for the reply. Building own firmware is probably a little above my skill set at the present time. I’ll stick with the quadcopter configuration for now and leave the tricopter to a future project. Thanks. Mark

Hi,tridge,I greatly need your help.My plane cann’t maintain the alt in auto mode.I have
reported the problem here it a problem happening in 3.5?
Hoping your reply.Thanks!