Ardupilot per barca con due motori e nessun timone

Any M8N GPS/compass module will do.

So, i bought a pixhawk 4 with almost all optional. I have to try this yet. I hope it work fine

Ok, a new question please. I set 73 and 74. Now, i have to set the trasmitter to work with two motors or now do all the pixhawk and i set the trasmitter for a normal use throttle and direction? Whitch channel i have to connect?

The pixhawk takes care of everything. No mixing with the transmitter

These are the words i want to hear. Ok, witch channels do i choose? Throttle and …?
Thank you.

hi, i’m still setting pixhawk 4 and now i have problem with trasmitter e receiver. It seem that the receiver is not connected. I set my tx to ppm s-bus but in mission planner exactly in radio calibration don’t show any signal, bars are grey and in flight modes when i move the stiks or others don’t show change. there is a parameter to enable th tx or receiver? i have a fs-ia10b receiver. I tryed setting tx ppm -> s-bus and with a pwm to ppm converter setting tx in pwm but in said sections i can’t see the signal. can you help me?