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Hello guys,

I need some help with my current project.
The plan ist to read out sensor data with an Arduino (PWM converted to RPM on the Arduino, Temperature) which is connected to a Pixhawk Flightcontroller.
The Pixhawk then sends the sensor data to the Mission Planner goundcontrolstation.
The used protocol is Mavlink and this is my code:

#include <checksum.h>
#include <mavlink_conversions.h>
#include <mavlink_get_info.h>
#include <mavlink_helpers.h>
#include <mavlink_sha256.h>
#include <mavlink_types.h>
#include <protocol.h>

const int signalPin = 2;  // Pin where the signal is connected
volatile unsigned long startMicros = 0;
volatile bool firstEdgeDetected = false;

// Create a MAVLink message structure for EFI_STATUS
mavlink_efi_status_t efiStatus;
mavlink_message_t msg;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(57600);  // Initialize serial communication (for debugging)
  pinMode(signalPin, INPUT);
  attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(signalPin), handleInterrupt, RISING);
  // Initialize the MAVLink library and the Serial1 port for Pixhawk communication
  Serial1.begin(57600);  // Set the UART baud rate to match your Pixhawk configuration
  MAVLink.begin(Serial1, 57600);
  // Set your system ID and component ID (these should match your Pixhawk setup)
  MAVLink.systemID = 1;  // Your Arduino's system ID
  MAVLink.componentID = 200;  // Your component ID (e.g., 200 for IMU)

void loop() {
  // Send the EFI_STATUS message

void handleInterrupt() {
  if (!firstEdgeDetected) {
    startMicros = micros();
    firstEdgeDetected = true;
  } else {
    unsigned long endMicros = micros();
    firstEdgeDetected = false;
    unsigned long timeBetweenEdges = endMicros - startMicros;
    float frequency = 1000000.0 / timeBetweenEdges;
    // Populate the EFI status data structure with the RPM data
    efiStatus.ecu_index = 1.0;  // Set ECU index (adjust as needed)
    efiStatus.rpm = frequency;  // RPM value based on frequency = 0;  // Set EFI health status (adjust as needed)
    // Send the EFI_STATUS message here if needed (in the loop function)

void sendEFIStatusMessage() {
  // Encode and send the EFI_STATUS message to the Pixhawk
  mavlink_msg_efi_status_encode(MAVLink.systemID, MAVLink.componentID, &msg, &efiStatus);

Unfortunately I can’t compile the code with an arduino uno

Came across this post which might help:

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