[APPROVED] Speedybee F405 V3 Flight Controller for Porting

Don’t set SERVO_BLH_MASK - you only need to set MOT_PWM_TYPE and SERVO_BLH_BDMASK

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Still getting the same error …
MOT_PWM_TYPE = 5 Dshot 300

SERVO_BLH_BDMASK = 15 Channel 1,2,3,4 …
After reverting these settings the error goes away …

Ok, its probably DMA contention on I2C. Not sure what the solution is…

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I had the same issue. Compass got crazy after enabling Dshot. I disabled it and got it working again.
Also please note I had to disable logging to calibrate compass…
I thought this board had sufficient memory… Did I do something wrong? Should I keep logging disabled in order to save resources to get a good flight?
Thanks for all your help!

I need to take another look - the problem is the DMA channel that I2C and DShot both need

I think it is uart 5 or 6.
I am concerned this board does not have enough memory because of the logging problem.
What are your thoughts on this?
Thanks a lot!

Memory is fixed on the F405 and other boards with SD cards use this chip, so memory is not the issue

I see. Will enable logging and let u know.
Tks again!

Just to let you know, when I enable logging, the systems becomes unstable → several compass errors and I also got 0x8000 messages.
Will keep it disabled…
Did you guys have any problems?

I am doing some tests with logging disabled, but I noticed all the 4 motors are overheating!
I am using the ESCs that comes with the stack and 4 old, but good DJI 2312 motors and 4s 5200mah battery.
Do you have any hints? Please let me know.

I’m going to have to do some more testing, probably needs DMA disabled on I2C

Thank you!
Can you give me a hint on the motors overheating? It flies fine, but they all get really hot and shut down. I am trying Dshot600 now, but I am “flying blind” on these tests. I hope I do not burn the motors or escs!
Thanks a lot!

Motors overheating is usually becuase your PIDs (especially D) or filters are set too high and too much noise is getting through

Thanks for the tip!
I just uploaded latest firmware and flew it for a minute. It flies very very well, but motors still overheating… I went back to Dshot300…
I am not good at messing with PID’s, so I use what M.Planner suggests.
Please take a look and let me know what you think:

Again thank you so much as sorry for all the stupid questions!


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I reduced rates, but couldn’t do much with filters as Dshot is not working properly. Motors still too hot for longer tests → I think they will burn out…
Will wait for your review on DMA channels, reset the whole thing and start from scratch after new FW is released.
Thank you for all your help!

Would you be willing to try an updated version of the firmware with some potential fixes for the DMA conflicts on this board? It’s quite bleeding edge so don’t put it on anything you don’t mind crashing.

I sure do!
I will be back Saturday, will load your updated version and run some tests.
Don’t worry I will be testing it over a mattress!
Just FYI: I tested it with the first firmware and I couldn´t get the logging and the buzzer working, but it flew very well. The only problem I had were all 4 motors overheating → I am not good at tweaking with PID´s so I used the stock configuration
Please send me the file and will let you know ASAP.
Thank you!

Ok, here is the firmware. I checked the logging and it was working for me. This should allow the baro and compass to work as well.

arducopter.apj (865.6 KB)

Just flashed your new firmware and compass went crazy. I tried to recalibrate it with no success. Even after disabling logging it did not work. Please note that after these problems, I reset parameters to default to try it from ground up. Same problem.
I flashed back the firmware available at downloads and I was able to recalibrate again (after disabling logging of course).
I don’t have a problem to start from zero. If you want I can set it up the way you want to run any tests. This built is still on the first steps, so I can change everything at will.
FYI: I am using F405 V3 with it’s original 4in1escs, BN-880 gps, Frsky R XSR receiver, and 4 DJI 2312A motors (that’s it!). Please note motors were overheating using stock PID’s.
Will put back old firmware and get RC telemetry working meanwhile.