APM:Plane 3.5.3 released

As mentioned on the 3.5.2 release discussion we have decided to do a 3.5.3 release to fix a couple of important bugs found by users in 3.5.2. The main motivation for the release is a problem with flying without a compass enabled. If you fly 3.5.2 with MAG_ENABLE=0 or no compass attached then there is a risk that the EKF2 attitude estimator may become unstable before takeoff. This can cause the aircraft to crash.

The other changes in the 3.5.2 release are more minor:

  • fixed loiter radius for counter-clockwise loiter
  • fixed the loiter radius when doing a RTL at the end of a mission
  • provide reasons to the GCS when a uBlox GPS fails to properly configure
  • support a wider variety of NMEA GPS receivers
  • use EKF1 by default if no compass is enabled

Happy flying!



did 3.5.2 work in ArduPilot APM2.5?

I found that it’s more difficult to maintain the auto flight altitude in 3.5 that that in 3.4,is it?
I truly need your help.My plane cann’t maintain the alt in auto mode,firmware 3.5.3.
I have reported the problem here.Is it a problem only happening in 3.5?
Hoping your reply.Thanks!


did 3.5.2 work in ArduPilot APM2.5? Please give me question bro tridge…

Hi Tridge

For a specific project we would like to use again the 3.5.3 release of APM:Plane. But I wasn’t able to find a download of this specific version.

Can you give me an advice, where to find it? Would be great.

Thank you very much in advance,