Any known issues with using 2 Mauch BECs at the same time on a CubeOrange?

Title. I just got 2 Mauch BECs with hall effect current sensors, and I want to check that there won’t be any conflicts if I use both at the same time on the two power ports of the ADSB carrier board with a CubeOrange on it. I heard that Mauch uses a higher voltage to prevent unnecessary ideal diode switching, and thought that might be messed up by using 2 sources at the same higher voltage. Does anyone else either have experience running two modules or design knowledge of the board to reassure me?

It works fine.

It shouldn’t matter but are you talking about using two completely separate BECs or one of thier multi output ones?


Two fully separate ones, one off of my VTOL battery and another off of my forward battery.

How much higher? 5.7V is the upper limit but 5.4V is considered within the “regular range”.

FWIW, I received my first Cube Orange yesterday. I’m still unsure about a lot of the capabilities myself. In case anyone is interested, here’s a link to the manual.

They run 5.35V (±0.05V), specifically so that they are chosen over 5V power from some other source.

Yeah, same here. This is my first CubeOrange.

Basically in this arrangement you will be using one battery/BEC as the primary power and the second battery/BEC as your backup. This means if your primary power voltage drops out or battery fails then the FC will switch to using your secondary battery/BEC.

From the Orange Cube manual it states the following though it refers specifically to power module, servo rail, and USB as the sources: When more than 1 power source is connected, power will be drawn from the highest-priority source with a valid input voltage.

The Mauch power cube and +2F BEC models have a primary and backup connection for the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube. This should be no different than using separate Mauch BEC’s EXCEPT that you have separate batteries and there is no preexisting common signal (i.e., voltage reference) between them.

I am debating whether I use my VTOL dedicated batteries as a power backup for my flight batteries or just leave them be. I also need to sort out the specific wiring so that it works correctly (common signal). See "DoubleBat" Power Supply For Quadplanes thread for a working setup where batteries are dedicated and monitoring is enabled (without backup power).