Android 9 support on Tower Beta

Tower was just rebranded Droipdplanner with some jiggery to allow for the Apache License of the code to power the Solo App.

I did step up last year with the intention of keeping Tower updated and delivered with other changes, but I am way to busy, I just don’t have the time.

This was the release I made back then…

Nope. Tower used to be called Droid Planner, which existed since way before the solo. I was using this app in 2013 on my first custom built drone. It was not a solo driven app. It got some updates for solo compatibility in 2015, that’s all.

It would be great to see a more regularly updated Android app from Ardupilot if anyone has the free time. But absent that, the third party Solex app has grown to cover all Ardupilot vehicles, expanding from being solo specific. It’s pretty kick ass.

Hi Bill, if you still remember internal guts of that project - what is your opinion, why does it collapse on the Android 9 upon attempt to do UDP connection?

i went to a camp this weekend and QGC garbage completely refused to connect on a field - did not work a single damn time. i had tower connected, got MP connected later - all that time QGC was acting like it does not see anything.
got home, tried it at home on same model and same phone - it connected from a first try. very annoying and not clear what is the issue. only difference between at home situation and on the field situation was that phone was connected to a local home network prior to hooking up to ‘pixracer’ wifi and on the field it was not connected to anything. go figure.