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A Tale of Two Quadplanes

(Evan Palmer) #21


If you haven’t already, try flashing the older v1.9 firmware to see if that works. I use that as I have never been able to get v1.13 to work. I know Darrell uses the v1.13 firmware however. If you have tried that without any success, it may be worth your time to just use the 3.7.1 rather than the beta 6, at least until any bugs are sorted out in the firmware.

(Alexander Perez) #22

Thanks @evanp18 for your response. Purpose for Beta 6 was for the “fix” on Octa QuadPlanes. I guess at the end, it fixed the Octa QuadPlane issue but now a connection issues has arise. I was doing some further reading, and from past experience, it might not be a FW issue but more Mission Planner. There was another occasion that an earlier build of Mission Planner created an issue with an RFDu. I’ll try give 1.9 another try and see what happens. Thank you for taking the time to help and trouble shoot.