Zubax GNSS 2 CAN GPS question

I just purchased a Zubax GNSS2 GPS. Other than enabling the CAN drivers and setting the GPS type to 9, are there any other gotchas in getting this GPS to work?

I read that there was a timeout issue where AC timed out before the Zubax booted, and you needed to set the timeout to 10? This was a year ago so not sure what has changed…

I figured I would ask before I even plugged it in.



I have the same GPS…no timing issues.
I did need to set the node id but other then that all good

Thanks. Do you mind providing guidance on how you set the node Id? How do you like it? Are you using the onboard barometer?

4.0 has dimamic id allocation i think, so you do not need to set id. Just plug it in.

I’ve added an issue for the wiki here to clarify the setup on our wiki page. I don’t see any ArduPilot specific info on the Zubax site actually, maybe I’m missing something.

Just added some comments to the git section on this

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Just an update… Received my GPS today. I am on 4.0.1-rc2.

Enabled CAN_1
Set GPS to type 9

Powered off the FC
plugged in the GPS
Powered back on FC

Everything worked perfectly. It found the GPS and the compass

There was no need to assign a node ID or anything

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