Zero current, causing crash!

friends, I suffered 2 accidents, different models (esc, battery and aircraft), same controller (mini pix radiolink with power module) and same hitec aurora 9 radio. Using arduplane, when entering autotune it doesn’t last more than 5 minutes in the air and occurs the fall, analyzing the Tlog, I see that the current goes to zero. in accident 1 it stopped everything to the point of simply falling straight to the ground, until the log was stopped before. in accident 2, the current goes to zero, starts a dive towards the ground I try to save but when commands and answers come it’s too late. Then I get in doubt, power module may have a problem? interference can cause this, with 2 falls being the same but with different equipment. accident 2 was with an air wing pro kit, the current failure made even the controller change the flight mode from AUTOTUNE to MANUAL 3 times before the crash. I appreciate if anyone can help me. thanks.

Post a .bin log file otherwise no one can diagnose your problem.