Yaw rate not working with message /mavros/setpoint_raw/local

When I am publishing pos, vel, acc, yaw on topic /mavros/setpoint_raw/local, with typemask set to mavros_msgs::PositionTarget::IGNORE_YAW. the copter is moving as expected

when I set typemask=0 and provide the yaw rate in the message, the drone falls to the ground. is yaw rate not supported?

sample message I am passing

    poscmd.header.stamp =  ros::Time::now();
    poscmd.header.frame_id = "map";
    poscmd.header.seq += 1;
    poscmd.coordinate_frame = mavros_msgs::PositionTarget::FRAME_LOCAL_NED;
    poscmd.type_mask = 0;

    poscmd.position.x = cmd->position.x;
    poscmd.position.y = cmd->position.y;
    poscmd.position.z = cmd->position.z;

    poscmd.velocity.x = cmd->velocity.x;
    poscmd.velocity.y = cmd->velocity.y;
    poscmd.velocity.z = cmd->velocity.z;

    poscmd.acceleration_or_force = cmd->acceleration;

    poscmd.yaw = cmd->yaw;
    poscmd.yaw_rate = cmd->yaw_dot;



That was a bug in ArduCopter 4.0.x. Just update to ArduCopter 4.1.1-rc1

is acceleration supported by this message in the latest version of ardupilot?

Try it out, if it is not supported there is a PR that adds support for it in github master

okay thanks, I’ll look into it