Yaw movement not smooth during spline and loiter waypoints

I conducted another mission today composed of spline and loiter waypoints.

I noticed that the yaw movements along the curved flight path were not smooth and continuous along the curved flight path. Yaw changes occurred by a few degrees every second or two.

This surprised me because in the past when I’d used ROI to maintain a heading around a central point, I’m pretty sure the yaw was smoothly changed to maintain the desired heading.

I also noticed that when entering the loiter waypoint, the flightpath’s radial out to the circumference of the circle was different on each of the two loiter waypoints for this mission. I don’t recall anything that specifies this radial’s direction - I’m wondering if it can be set or predicted.

I’ve uploaded the BIN for the mission - and a link to a video of the recording for the 14 minute flight - clearly showing the yaw movements.

Thanks for any thoughts anyone might have to share on how to deal with the yaw issue - or loiter radial.

I just looked over the wp_yaw_behavior parameter.

On this mission I had it set to “1” - “face next waypoint”

I’m going to try setting it to “3” - “face along GPS course”

Maybe this will fix the yaw from moving in discrete movements - and make the movement continuous.