Yaapu telemetry

Hi, I know that this is not strictly ardupilot question, but possibly cou can help me:

I have pixhawk (or cuav) arudpilot on it.
Telemetry converter to Frsky x8r and a taranis x9d+ 2019 (opentx 2.3.9).
lua script is downloaded. (1.8.0)

in ardupilot the telemetry port is set.
I can see the telemetry screen on Taranis, (after long press the page button), but I see:
No telemetry data in the middle of the screen

but if I go to telemetry screen I can discover sensors and I can see the values of them (voltage, gps, heading,altitude, etc.)

What can be wrong - I would appreciate any help.

(if this topic can not be released, could you please help me who should be asked.)


I don’t have an answer but I’ve moved this to the Copter-4.0 category. It was in the blog category so it was appearing on the front page of ardupilot.org. No big deal but this category is better I think.

have you set serialx_protocol to 10 ?


Thanks for putting it into the roght category.

No it was originally set to 4 - the simple frsky sport (not the passthrough one).
Now I corrected. But to be honest I see no change.

My guess that something is still missing on Taranis. As i wrote on the telemtry (13/14) screen i can see the sensor data. Just on the lua script based one not.

The only issue is that I’m not able to choose the luac switch for x9d+ 2019 when I’m writing the firmware to the taranis.


I copied the opentx sd card content and this and the 2.3.9 upgrade together solved the issue
Thanks for the help

No no can’t do anything @babolcs you need go to serial port and enable what UART used for yaapu and select this one

Once it’s done after rebooting , and it’s not showing in your radio then select frsky sport but it should be work on 1st one

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot rgds Szabolcs

Please help me, i really do not know why it’s not working.

Due to some update i need to move the inverter cable connection from telem2 to gps2 uart.

Using telem2 port everythign is working fine. I can see all the telemetry in my taranis X7.

Now i’ve set following parameters:
serial4_protocol to 10
serial4_baud to 57
serial4_option to 4

then i switch the cable from telem2 uart to gps2 and reboot the system
I see NO TELEMETRY on the taranis screen.
why? it should work i guess
thanks to everyone may help