Yaapu skrit not working

Hello i already tried everything) and yappu script dont working. I have taranis q7, r9m, r9mm, pixhawk cube orange, here3 gps!
all firmware’s are updated! open tx is updated with lua skript option to last version!
Reciver r9mm conected to the telem 1 port,
All settings for mision planer is already set!
Pls help!

Please detail the cable and connections you are using from Cube to s-port
and list the serial port parameters you are using

There’s some reports you need a pull-down resistor - 10k between serial port TX and 0v - despite the serial options having that setting.

Do a search for “yaapu cube orange”

I conect 3 cables s port ground and + cable to the telem 1. Already tried many combination of parameters, like serial 1 protocol - 10, serial 1 option to 7 and 15 and 4,