Y6 motors 5 and 6 dont spin up


I’m building a Y6 and all goes well until I try to spin the motors up.

I’m using a Pixhawk and APM planner.
I’ve flashed V3.2.1 and selected the Y6 (X) frame.
All initial setup goes ok.
I can calibrate the ESCs.
Arming succeeds.

But - when I arm, motors 5 and 6 don’t spin up. If I increase the throttle, the other motors react but still no life from 5 or 6.

If I connect motor 5 or 6 to channel 1 on the Pixhawk (where motor 1 was) then they spin up as though they were motor 1. So ESC calibration seems to succeed and the 2 motors and ESCs work.

What I can’t see is how the system knows if it is a Quad, Hex Oct, 8X, Y3 or Y6. Can anyone help here?

And what am I doing wrong that the last two motors don’t spin up?

Any tips are welcome !


I had the same issue.
Wrong selection during the installation. I don’t know.
I did the complete re-installation from the firmware, calibration and it sorted out the issue.