Y6 Flip MidAir - Help with Post-Mortum

Hi Everyone,
Log attached. Was in RTL mode with FPV googles on. I went to go to Loiter mode to check something out while up in the blue yonder, however, I got goofy fingers and hit AltHold. Thats when I could tell my hex was upside down.

Lost count at what flight I am at with this 3dr Y6. BUT, I did switch transmitters about 3 flights ago. I was using a Dx6i, but wanted to use the gimbal controls. So, I got out my 3DR Iris transmitter, copied the 3dr Iris profile for my y6 and bound the transmitter to a new receiver on the y6. Did a couple field tests and didn’t have any issues…until now.

Let me know if I should cross post anywhere. I really would like to have an idea of what went wrong before I complete repairs (wreck the PD board, gp2 mast, 2 motors and a crap load of DF13 cables).

Thanks for your time and help. Back to my iris while repairs are underway.


Noticing a lot of vibration on the Y6, also the Mag field seems to shoot at the end of the log :confused:

Towards the end your Z axis indicates you are indeed flipped on your back probably caused by engaging alt hold with 0 throttle input.

Also, your battery monitor is not setup correctly.