Y6 B and benefits Y6 A?

I converted my Hexa B to Y6 A: I saw the new Y6 B layout, but I can´t find anything about the differences between them. Why is the Y6 B setup published? What are the benefits. I did not find anything in the forum.



There was a lot of discussion in the comments on this post.

Note that this post itself was not talking about how to do a Y6B conversion but about a month after that post the Y6B configuration was born and is discussed in the later comments. It is now the recommended configuration I believe. To quote Craig Elder “[the Y6A configuration was] just historical and not optimum.”

Thanks for reply. As I read with the Y6B the stabilty with yaw is increased. It is clear that the motor pins and rotation directions must be changed. I will give this setup a try allthough I am very satified with the change from the Hexa B to Y6 A. I had permanent yaw issues with the hexa because it was not possible to fix all 6 arms in the exactly same angle. The arms with the landing gear had another angle than the arms without. This changed after each landing slightly.

lot of stabilty with the Y6 yaw,