XPlane 11 SITL: Mission Planner not controlling aircraft

Hi all, I’m quite new to mission planner and ardupilot but I have quit a lot of experience in Xplane. I am attempting to get mission planner controlling a cessna 172 in xplane 11 and so far been able to get data going from xplane 11 to mission planner (I am currently on version 1.3.7). I have followed everything as close as I could to the documentation in the ardupilot docs but still cannot get mission planner flying the cessna to a waypoint.

Everytime I try to arm the autopilot in mission planner, I get an error saying that it could not arm the gps, so I force arm and trying to get the thing turning. However, no control inputs are ever made in xplane and nothing happens. Anybody got any ideas?

Here are a couple screenshots of my setup so far: