Xcraft x plus one problems

I have the x plus one which some call a “quadcopter”. I’ve tried to fly it several times. Only on the first attempt did all 4 rotors turn, but somehow they were not turning at the same speed, and it flipped over. I’ve contacted xcraft several times, but their short, lingo-filled answers are not helpful to me, a novice. They did recommend qgroundcontrol, which I have on an android device. But I cannot get it configured right. I can’t get all 4 rotors to turn – ususally only 2 turn. I think I don’t have the right “airframe” selected. I don’t know which airframe to use in the software as I know the xcraft flies both sort of like a drone/helicopter, and life a winged plane. I can successfully calibrate using qgroundcontrol, but I keep getting a beeping sound from the x plus one, and no rotors turning.

Looks like a NYT QUAD PLUS Motor Tailsitter to me.


Hard to believe that’s the best support they can offer. OK, it has a PixFalcon Flight Controller apparently. A minute of looking on the website turned up a parameter file (from 2016…)
Look here: Support

X PlusOne V2.9 Flight Parameters.param (8.6 KB)