X8 video issue

I’ve been flying my x8 for about a month and have shot some beautiful video with the tarot gimble and the gopro 3. However, my last two flights have exhibited some rather severe jello and I’m at a loss to understand why. I’ve changed nothing on the copter, the gimble mounts are all still attached properly, and it seems to fly fine.

I’ve been flying autonomous drones for several years but my research has always required still photos so the video aspect is new. Can anyone help me with some troubleshooting steps?

I have noticed that the jelloing sometimes disappears precisely when there is a change in attitude of the helicopter but it usually reasserts itself.

Thank you for any help.

Hi jklier,

In the attached document you will find a procedure to calibrate the gimbal, you can give it a try.

I’m sure the 3DR folks are much more qualified at helping to troubleshoot your problem than I am, but I wanted to mention that I did have some jello video for a while that I discovered was due to a tiny chip in the tip of a blade that was causing a little extra vibration.

Hi, I too had what you are describing at it was fixed by upgrading my gimbal to version 1.5

Here’s a very informative posting on the issue:

And here’s a video telling you how to update your gimbal firmware.


Hope it helps! :smiley: