X8 & Multiple Cams

Thinking of getting a X8 with the Tarot Gimbal and the OSD/FPV system.

Is there cam switching between the GoPro and the Sony line cam, or does one have to install an aftermarket cam switch?

When ordering the OSD/FPV system or the Tarot Gimbal, does it include the Tarot GoPro Video Cable?


Unfortunately no Cam switching, by default the Video kit has the Sony cam wired up, the Tarot GoPro video cable is not included on the kit by the way.

Thanks for this info!
I’ll plan accordingly.

I purchased the GoPro video cable from 3DR and a FPV video switcher (I got a 3 channel cause it was on sale but there are also 2 channel versions) from HobbyKing. It was easy to set up, although if you aren’t using a PPM encoder, you’d have to give up your last free channel of the 8 currently supported by the Pixhawk to control it.