X8-M with Canon sx260 (converted)

Hi all,

I’m new to the forums and relatively new to the UAV world. I’ve only been flying for about a year… I’m a GIS professional by trade and I’m interested in using a multi-rotor for mapping of agricultural crops and also some elevation modeling.

I like the X8-M setup from 3DR. The only other thing I’d like to change about it is the ability to use a converted for Near Infra-red Canon sx260 HS with it , as well as the Canon sx260 HS RGB that comes with it. I wouldn’t need a different mount as it’s the exact same camera, only with a different lens. The converted one can be seen here: event38.com/ProductDetails.a … CAM-NGB260

Are there any problems which will be cause by using a different camera than the one that comes with it? Am I better off doing a custom build of an X8? I’m interested in post processing with Pix4D software but would want to have 3D capabilities so I’d likely purchase the fully licensed version and pay the $350 per month, or use the 3Dr stripped down Pro version.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks in advance