X8 - inflight simulated motor failure test

X8 configuration has lots of cons and only one but significant pro - it should fly after a motor failure. At least in theory, although I was lucky to learn this in a real flight. But why not test it in a more systematic and controllable way?

The idea is to start the test by RC. Then, the controller would gradually decrease the power of a motor going through all the motors. The level of reduced power and the reducing rate could be configured. If the controller would determine that the copter won’t fly without the tested motor, it should switch the power on again and report the test as failed.

A positive test result would add some confidence about the copter performance. Maybe the idea applies also to Y6 and other “double decker” configurations?

EDIT: there was an experimental feature some time ago allowing to reduce power for some motor. Could the developers remind how to do this? I’m starting to convert my old hexacopter to X8 with Matek Wing F765 and 8xDSHOT (I hope it will work this time), and I would want to test the motor out scenarios.