X or H, that is the question

Hello everyone,

I have a dissymmetrical drone and i configured it first as an X in Mission Planner because of the rotation of my motors.
I wanted to know if there was a real difference using a X or H frame ?

UAVly :grin:

I believe it only effects pitch and roll. The is another variation also called V.


Randy Mackay answered me this by mail, and i put it on the forum for anyone who has the same question :wink:

“It shouldn’t be necessary. There’s no real advantage to the H frame
over the regular X frame in your case. H frame works better for frames
that are somewhat flexible in the “waist” area. I.e. frames that can
twist a bit in the middle.
The H frame doesn’t help with frames that
are not symmetrical. I don’t think a non-symmetrical frame will have
too many problems using a regular X frame.
You’ll probably just find
that the roll and pitch rate PID numbers are very different from each

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