Wrong data representation in Proximity viewer

I am sending OBSTACLE_DISTANCE calls with data from a ZED stereo cam to Arducopter 4.0.7.
Mavlink inspector shows the correct data, When I lauch the Proximity viewer in MP without loading the Copter parameters, the SLAM map of the 72 distance values over the camera angle is displayed correctly.

However when I have loaded the copter parameters, I see only the left hand sector proximity and to front sector proximity. The right hand side of the data is ignored.

Only when I manually change the angle_offset value from -42.5 degrees (HFOV/2 of the ZED camera) to something of -30 degrees or higher, the right hand proximity sector will be displayed in addition to the left and front sectors.

Here is a snapshot from Mavlink Inspector - the values appear correct to me.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Hello mtbsteve,

I am facing the same issue with a realsense camera.
The right hand side appears only if I set angle_max > 45 and the left side if I set angle_min < 0 (configuring both sides to keep the correct FOV)

I have two questions :

Have you found a solution ?
How dit you manage to show the SLAM map of the 72 distance values on your first picture ?

If you didn’t find a solution, I hope it will raise the topic up.



@loup can you test it with 4.1?
According to the developers it should be fixed in 4.1.

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Hello @mtbsteve,

Sorry for the time I take to answer and thank you for help.
I juste have upload ArduCopter V4.1.0-beta7 but I still the same display (as on your 2nd picture).

According to MAVLink Inspector, I have no increment_f but increment, but according to the documentary (https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html) I guess it would not be the cause.

I would add that I am taking a rplidar A2 data from a companion computer on ROS, using MAVROS plugin obstacle_distance (I subscribe to /scan topic and it sends OBSTACLE_DISTANCE msg to the autopilot), and I set PRX_TYPE to 2 (MAVLink)

It is not so important, but if you have any idea.
Thank you very much

I updated to AC 4.1.5 and the proximity view works fine now.