Wrong altitude reported

I know this question may have been ask before but I cant find and answer.Anyway why does Tower and other ground station apps I use on a tablet report an altitude that is much higher than the copter is really at.I don’t know if a log will help but I will include one.

Based on what data do you think that the indicated altitude is higher than it really is ?

I checked the logs and it really obvious, it will report the altitude at 150 meters when im near a tree top I know is only 20 meters or so high.I mean its really off.

Are you sure you that your app reports the altitude from home, not the gps altitude? Based on the log it could be the gps altitude which is always above sea level. (and which is about 150meter at 0 home altitude in your case)

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Tower app reads altitude from sea level for some reason on some versions.