WP file updates but plane flies away in AUTO, RTL works

Hi there. Today I was planning on flying a two part mission to take aerial photos of a field. I finished the first section with good results, landed the plane, changed the battery pack then rebooted plane. I successfully loaded my second Waypoint file through Mission Planner and then Read WPs to make sure that had loaded in correctly - all seemed OK. When I took off and switched to AUTO the plane flew away from first way point. When I changed to RTL it came back and circle above my correct position where I changed the battery pack and loaded new WP file. Changing again to AUTO plane would fly in same direct away from all Waypoints.

I landed the plane and repeated with same result. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Mission Planner 1.3.4
APM:Plane 3.0.2

Make sure you Restart Mission before relaunching a mission. It’s in the Action Commands section of the Mission Planner Flight Data screen

Ah so simple, thanks, will try that.