Wp add_takeoff in mavproxy available?

I’m unsure if this is the right place to ask. If not, please direct me to the correct section.

I’m trying to use mavproxy, first locally in SITL, and later using a companion computer. So I now want to fly a basic waypoint mission all in mavproxy. To do this I first need to add a takeoff and then some waypoints. In the documentation I can only find info on how to load a full mission from a file (which works fine).

Since I want to be able to supply waypoints manually and on the fly, I checked the source code, and in there I found the undocumented function wp_add_takeoff(). I tried using it in a multitude of ways, but the best I get is the message “No position chosen”. As expected, this is because no latlon is defined, which I can see in the code comes from self.mpstate.click_location, of which mpstate is set in the
__init__() of the base class. Seeing the name click_location and the fact that it isn’t explicitly set anywhere in the code I presume this can only be set by using the GUI. I hope I’m wrong about that though, because I really want to be able to set it using a command. Or else I will need to construct a waypoint file and then load that (which I’m trying to avoid).

Does anybody know how I can add a takeoff using a command in mavproxy? All tips are welcome.

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