Working on a design for my next quad

I know a lot of you guys are pretty well informed about what will work and what won’t, so if you see any potential pitfalls of obstacles in my design, please do mention them. Any thoughts or guidance in taking on this endeavor would be quite welcome. I know that scratch builds rarely work out as you imagine them. I’ve been thinking about putting this quad together for a while now and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

The prop guards, their mounting hardware and your plastic box will add considerable weight to the craft. Add to that the inefficiencies created by the screening of the props and you’ll have a craft that while it might fly, won’t have any useful payload capability. Before you go too far down the road with this thing you’d best work up a detailed analysis of what it will end up weighing and plug those figures into eCalc to see if it will fly.

Other Hand-
Very useful information. Thankyou for chipping in