Workflow: Moving topics

If a user posted a topic in “the wrong” subforum, we as moderators and admins should move it to the right place to keep things structured. To move a topic, proceed as follows:

1.) Go to the respective topic and scroll down until you see the “Quick-mod tools”. From the dropdown field, select “Move topic” and click “Go”.
2.) In the following screen, select the forum to which you want to move the topic. Also think, how important the topic is. If it is important and it is likely that there are already external links to this topic, keep “Leave shadow topic in place” selected. If it’s a new topic which like does not have external links to it yet or if it’s not so important, unselect “Leave shadow topic in place”. Then click “Yes”. A shadow topic is a forwarding link from the old place to the new place. We only need this for important topics which like have external links pointing to it. Otherwise, it just clutters the forums.