Workflow: Delete user and report data to spam blacklists

If a spammer gets through our blacklist protection, it means, that neither IP address nor email address nor username are known to the blacklist services yet. In that case, we shouldn’t just delete the user but also report the user as spammer to the blacklist services.
To do that, click as usual on the user name and in the following profile screen on “Administer user”. Then scroll down to “Delete user” and choose “Delete posts and report spammer” from the dropdown field. Use the submit button in the “Delete user” section.
After submitting, all posts of that user, whether in queue or not, are deleted and the Advanced Block Mod reports all data, including IP, email and user name to the blacklist services which will include the data immediately. We don’t need to additionally block the email or other data of this user any more, which saves us one additional step and keeps our database size smaller.