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Wing fluttering at hand launch

I am trying to troubleshoot wing fluttering phenomena during hand launching a flying wing.
Please watch this short video and suggest a solution.

Your gains are too high.

Foe anyone to zero in on your problem you need to provide the .bin log file from the flight controller.

It sounds windy, it could if is flying round fine after a while it could just be that it needed some time to workout the wind speed so it can calculate airspeed correctly. Or as Mike says your gains could just be too high, a log will tell us.

Here is the link to to the bin file in dropbox

@RizHass that’s a private link

I guess DropBox only allows link to be send via email only, so I have uploaded the file in GoogleDoc, below is the link.
What is the best way to share large files on this forum?

were you able to download the file from Google drive?

This is roll desired and actual along with the estimated wind speed. You can see as soon as the estimated wind speed builds the oscillation stops. The vehicle thought it was going slowly so it output greater control surface inputs. Once it had worked out how fast it was actually going it came good.

You have two options, fit a airspeed sensor so it will have a better idea how fast its going or de-tune the roll gains so it dons’t oscillate even with the incorrect airspeed estimate.

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