Wind Estimation and Telemetry

Hi there,

I am looking at doing wind measurements on different altitudes with a quadrocopter. I currently don’t have a drone with ArduPilot, and I also did not find much information about this in all the documentation I could find. Maybe you can help me with :slight_smile:

I did see that there seems to be some wind estimation done, one called North and one called East.

Can you confirm that those values are being calculated and updated regularly? If yes, is there documentation on those, i.e. do I understand them as a vector in North and a vector in East?

And are those values transmitted over the Mavlink and then stored in a .tlog of Mission Planner?

Thanks for everything you can provide in regards to those :slight_smile:

Edit: I just found what I was referring to. Wind data in the EKF2 library. Are those values transmitted in the telemetry, if activated?

Wind estimation is only done on plane not copter. This is because with a plane you can make some assumptions about how the aircraft will move that allow aircraft movement to be decoupled from wind. The same assumptions do not apply to copters.