Will PayPal someone to walk me through setting up my Delta/PixHawk Cube

I’ve owned the PixHawk Cube for 3 weeks now, and have spent countless nights staying up way passed the time I should be in bed just trying to get “Manual” to work right on my deltawing.

I just don’t have the patience anymore, all the googling and youtube guides and forum posts…
I’m at my absolute wits end. I have never been so disappointed and frustrated in my life.

So if you want to make a quick buck, message me and we can skype/discord and see if you can help me set my PixHawk up once and for all.


I can help you!
But i would really suggest you to learn it the hard way so that you can troubleshoot the system when necessary.

Here’s my most recent problem. I have no idea where to wire my unify/runcam/OSD combo.

I can get the unify/runcam to work together, but introducing the pixhawk and OSD? I can’t find a shred of documentation…

Is this right? By chance?

Ok, here’s my best guess. What do y’all think?

Just kidding I think this is the one… man this is tough.

You got this!

YES - last looks good.

One part that is tricky and can get some people is RX goes to TX and vice-versa. It can appear to a novice that you would match up the labels, but that is incorrect. For example - the RX on the OSD goes to the TX on the pixhawk and the TX on the OSD goes to RX on the pixhawk. (I think you have it correct). the logic is that RX is an INPUT and TX is an OUTPUT. So an OUTPUT from one device must go to the INPUT on another device.

Power all three devices (camera, VTX and OSD) with (+) and GND from the battery. Thats the simple part.

Video signal from the camera goes to “Vin” on the OSD.
“Vout” (video out) on the OSD goes to the video pin on the VTX. The OSD simply takes the video in from the camera and overlays some bits of information it receives from the pixhawk’s telemetry port. So video goes in, the OSD slaps some text and graphics onto the video signal and sends the new video signal with added text and graphics to the VTX.

EDIT: see here for a nice clean wiring diagram:http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-minim-osd-quick-installation-guide.html#basic-wiring-diagram

The circuit board in the middle is your “Mini OSD”. the “APM Telem Port” is the same as your pixhawk’s telemetry port.


I saw that picture before, but was unsure if it applied to my OSD, but I used it as a guide.

Very reassuring to hear I got it right. I can’t WAIT to get this up in the air.

Thank you so so much.

Yes, it does. This OSD (aka “MinimOSD”) is very common.