Will not Throttle Up

I just got my y6 last week and had no problems with it at all until today. Today when I connected it told me to update my firmware so I did… after the update things seemed OK, a little shaky compared to before but nothing major, then during flight I had a speed controller fail (tested by moving wires to a different motor and the failure followed the controller) so I replaced the controller and ran the ESC calibration and everything passed the motors test as expected. However, now after arming the motors will only advance slightly above idle and never have enough power to get off the ground. does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

I have attached the log file where it never develops power if that helps any

well somehow in the firmware upgrade the THR_MAX paramater got changed from 1000 to 200, correcting this got me back in the air…

well, I looked more closely at my failed controller, one of the motor leads had the solder pad de-laminate from the board and vibrate loose. what looks like happened is when I folded the Y6 frame I must have folded it to aggressively and pinched the wire pulling it from the board (partially) and the vibrations in flight caused it to come the rest of the way loose. I have corrected this potential issue on my frame by drilling a hole in the frame and attaching a stopper for the folding arm so it can no longer fold enough to pinch the wires.