Wiki targeting dev [SOLVED]

Why is wiki targeted to dev version and not stable? I find it very confusing at times. I read stuff and parameters sometimes only to go back to my copter and find things completely different.

It’s due to how the wiki infrastructure is setup. On the parameter pages though there is a drop down at the top to change to a stable version list of parameters.

I meant i read how to setup stuff and correlating parameters and i don’t find them in my stable setup. Not the parameters page itself, wich i know is versioned, but the wiki of how to setup various things.

The wiki is targeted at the stable version, there are a couple of pages targeted at future features, but those are clearly marked on the top of the page.

Ok thanks, probably have hit those few pages :slight_smile:

There might be a argument for the default setting from drop downs and such should be the stable version? (Makes it easier for users?)


I think that stable being the default makes sense as most people looking at the Wiki are not runnning dev versions.

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@hwurzburg Your thoughts on this?

@brunoolivieri is this easy to do? I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other…many do use Dev…just as many use older stables…why we did versioning in the first place…
If it can be easily done, we can put it to a vote

I am not remember the ordering reasons. I can check that for sure.

Indeed remove 3.xx versions and leave only the last 3.x version seems good as well.