WiFi Pixhawk connection

Has anyone been able to connect directly from their computer (ground control station) to a pixhawk (px4) using a 3DR wifi telemetry? I have connected the telemetry to the drone and can see its attitude data using mission planner, however both qgroundcontrol and matlab (through matmav) are unable to communicate with it still, therefore i am not able to send it setpoints.


I don’t use 2.4 gHz “WiFi”. I use 915mHz telemetry radios and they work just fine with Mission Planner.

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Hey on a similar topic, I can’t quite find the port number and the ip address for the connection. I can however arm the copter through Q-ground control.

How have you connected and from where? I connect through the Solo controller/access point and it works fine.

The Pixhawk has no native wifi ability so the answers to your questions depends on what hardware you setup to talk to the Pixhawk with wifi, right?