Why there is no Logging for Servo Outputs in 2.76


I was wondering why the developers removed the servo outputs from the logging. It’s actually useful to have them in order to debug the servo commands.

Is there a way to have them back in the log file on the flash?


I guess this is an ArduPlane question and I don’t know a lot about arduplane but I believe that Tridge changed the name of the message to something like “RC”. I’m sure it’s still possible to see the detailed servo output in the dataflash logs.

I am surprised that the post is marked SOLVED, while I didn’t say so!

I am sorry but I don’t see the ‘RC’ you are referring to. If you know the exact log name that will be great!

Thank you.

Hi mzahana,
Support for logging servo output and RC input to on-board DataFlash logs was added in Late November, and didn’t make it into the 2.76 release. It is in the new 2.77 release.
Also have a look at the recently updated LOG_BITMASK documentation.
Cheers, Tridge