Why there is no fast loop in arduplane.cpp?

Hey guys, as the title shows, if there is no fast_loop or something similar, how can the main_loop() in HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp work? It will be very grateful if anyone could help.

You can make a fast_loop callback if you really want - Copter passes one
into the Scheduler.

OTOH, you probably don’t want to - use the scheduler table for what it is
good for…

@peterbarker Thanks, so arduplane use only scheduler table for control but not a loop?

Correct. Naturally there is a loop - it’s just abstracted away into
AP_Scheduler. We preserved Copter’s “fast loop” function to preserve old
behaviour. Would be nice to eliminate it, but some DevTeam members have
reservations. Reservations might be justified - small copters are much
smaller than small quadplanes - but it would be nice to get rid of it…

@peterbarker OK, Thank you!