WHY my new hexa crashed in my basement?

I just put together my beautiful HEXA based on DJI550 frame and OEM APM 2.5 with 3DR GPS and 3DR battery meter, with 3dr radio so I could see all flight log in real time.
Loaded firmware 3.01
MODES : [color=#4000BF]1. STABILIZE, 2. ALT HOLD , 3 LOITER[/color]
I calibrated ESC’s , I calibrated RADIO, I calibrated accelometers and compass.
I took it outside , GPS FIX acquired very fast .
Took it to basement because outside was too dark

I placed it on the floor ARMED moved few inches of the floor , all great and super stable,
I lifted it up a bit then tried to lower the THROTTLE and it does not want to go down , apparently it started to climb hit the ceiling , carbon blade shattered then went crazy sideways ad crashed on the floor still trying to pull up no matter what I did.

afterall all carbon blades destroyed, cost $35 :frowning: , and arm of the hexa destroyed.
I would never guessed WHY , until I checked my logs.

When I moved it to basement , after I armed and lifted for the 1st time, it still had GPS FIX, at the second lift it lost GPS FIX and automatically [color=#FF0000]STABILIZE Mode [/color]was switched by itself to [color=#FF0000]LAND mode [/color]!!!

any idea why it happened? I remember when I had firmware 2.7 - 2,9 I could switch to [color=#FF0000]MANUAL mode [/color]and fly in basement for hours with no issue.

How to prevent that in the future?

I guess if you know you that you will be flying in your basement, you could change the RTL_height setting to zero so that it will maintain altitude when it goes to failsafe or something.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

just in case this happens to anyone else. Jacek’s problem was that he had FENCE enabled - once the GPS freaked out and gave an incorrect position outside his fence, the FENCE failsafe was triggered to LAND.

Something similar happened to me, but some difference.

Hexacopter, one week ago I tried Geo Fence outside, it worked well.
Today, at home, I changed propellers, and something else. Wanted to lift it just some inches and then switch off.

Close to the window, GPS fix.
Brought back in, armed and took off.
After few seconds, it went crazy, running fast into a wall. Luckily enough, I must say, as it did not run against me!
Some propellers broke, but still it didn’t stop, I had to hold it because the 3 propellers still intact were running FAST and it would not respond to remote and anything, was quite difficult to disconnect battery.

I checked logs.
It went into FENCE BREACH and RTL.
Could it be that fence remained the same I had one week ago (far from here)?
Or what else?

I reckon it was hijacked by nanobots :astonished:

Might help if you post the logs for all to see.

hmmmm… I knew it was them! :confused:

logs attached
it gets armed at the end, 12:50:40

after crash, cant get GPS to work properly anymore, keeps GPS HDOP stays at 3 or higher, even with 8 satellites. tried two different GPS boards. maybe connector. uff.