Why does the helicopter's motor enter the slow start mode when the throttle stick of the remote controller is low during flight?

Doesn’t the slow start mode of the motor need to be set?

  1. My English is not good, but I am also curious how other people solve this problem
  2. I don’t know if the way I set it is wrong
  3. I have also found a solution

@blue0827ww you need to give more details about the flight conditions and the set up of the Rotor Speed Controller (RSC). Is the H_RSC_MODE set to Setpoint, throttle curve or governor?

What type of engine are you using? Electric or gas?

A log showing this behavior would really be helpful. That would answer many of my questions.


@blue0827ww sorry that I have not gotten back to you.
It looks like you have the rotor speed controller set up properly for the ESC and the ESC looks to be set correctly.

So if I understand your problem, you have the engine turning off when you lower the collective stick on the transmitter? If that is happening then I am concerned that you have the collective stick output not connected to the flight controller correctly.