Why does the ardupilot firmware have an incredible rollover?

Hardware F4V3pro
The mpu600 works normally in the process of light tapping.
The attitude lines of different firmware are quite different. Hope to get the answer.
this is the video

Light tapping?!?
What use case are you trying to replicate here ?

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It seems fine to me. That kind of tapping should never happen in flight.

I didn’t find the problem on pixhawck, only in f405, and I hope to find the answer.

Hi cao,

From the spelling, it is difficult to determine if you meant Pixhawk or Pixhack. These are two different designs. The Pixhack has a floating IMU on a separate PCB which is connected via a rubber mount. You can read more about it here.


I think a shock event like that will cause the accelerometer to clip in any Flight Controller independent of the firmware its running.

if you want to an analyse, please use the dataflashlog. Just watching some random data on a GUI isn’t a good to compare performance … I don’t know about betaflight but on MissionPlanner you maybe updating the HUD at 2Hz … So there is no way to see something good …

I had a crash with similar issue on my omnibusF4V3Pro using latest arducopter on my traditional helicopter.Tridge looked at the logs and said that MPU6000 failed.If i move my board quickly,i get same hud moving around.
So maybe bad batch of MPU6000 or firmware issue?Don’t know.

I haven’t checked betaflight thou.

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pixhawk without rubber mount.

  1. I suspect that the mpu6000 is damaged, but everything is OK after I download the firmware of betaflight.
  2. I tested pixhawk again. It’s OK,
  3. I bought three f4v3pro, but the problem still exists
    I guess it has something to do with f405. This is a very serious problem.

But that doesn’t explain why pixhawk is OK, pixhawk without rubber mount