Why did my log stop suddenly ,Have anyone ever seen it ?

Question Description: during the flight, the airplane tumbled and crashed. The log was only recorded in the first half.
The picture describes the height information in the flight log

You will need to post a flight log for anyone to se what really happened.

This is a Quad Copter, bad logging appeared during the flight.Here is the flight log, the second half of the flight, the propeller suddenly stopped and crashed, but there was no record in the log.flight log

I am looking at your log, and I may have found a clue.

At 645 sec into the log, while you’re airborne, the following 6 messages are recorded in MSG:
GCS:Mission Planner
GCS:Mission Planner
APM:Copter V3.5.5 (27229c83)
PX4: 0384802e NuttX: 1bcae90b
Frame: QUAD
PX4v3 0035003D 31375108 32383537

I don’t know what the first 2 are (GCS:Mission Planner
The last 4 messages usually happen only at the beginning of the flight, as though things are booting up, or arming. The fact that they are recorded mid-air suggests perhaps something was going wrong… maybe a loose connection caused a re-boot during flight?

I think you might be right.

When I came back to check it, I found that there was a leakage in the vicinity of one of the motors, and the connection with the fuselage could lead to a short circuit. It was caused by the wear and tear of the flight vibration, and the insulation of a wire was damaged.

Is it possible to restart the autopilot or generate self protection to cut off the power output? Is it possible to make this motor work abnormally? Because I noticed that in 679 seconds, one of the motor control signals has dropped to 1243, which is not enough to support the smooth flight of the plane.

Besides, do you know why flight information only records part of it? Why did the chart information in the second half be lost?

I do not know, but an electrical failure could cause the logging to stop suddenly, as observed.

I don’t understand this question… Could you re-phrase it? Or maybe someone else understands, and can help?

What I want to say is whether the voltage problem during the flight will lead to a flight control restart and abnormal control signals

The problem of log breaks should be this way, the flight control, as you said, restarted

Thank you, I think I understand. Unfortunately, any electrical short could have unknown consequences… so it’s hard to say if this was the only problem, or if there were more problems. But it is definitely the first problem you should fix!

Thank you very much!:grinning:

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