Why cant I see my post and issue with super simple mode

I have recently added 2 posts and I can’t see any of them.

I have recently up graded to Copter 4.1 and find there is an issue with super simple mode.
Things go haywire and in the last test flight the quadcopter almost fell out of the sky.

Can you post a link to a .bin log of this happening please, otherwise there is only guesses and probably no one will reply.

This is the link to the .bin file. see the first section, I switch to RTL after the event.

You have an odd configuration for Simple Mode and Super Simple Mode. You have the bitmask set for both parameters to 63 (all modes) and you have RC8_OPTION set to Super Simple Mode and I see in the log you were activating this switch. I would set both bitmasks to 0 and just use switches to enable/disable Simple and Super Simple mode.

Thanks Dave,
I checked all the boxes in Flight modes because I thought I had to, otherwise both simple modes would not operate in those boxes that were unchecked. Do I have that wrong, is there no need to check the boxes if you use a switch.?
In extended tuning I selected simple mode then super simple mode.

No need. I think the bitmask is a holdover from earlier days when there wasn’t Options for RC inputs. Or not as many anyway. I don’t have a use for Super Simple Mode but I have Simple Mode on a switch that can be activated on most Flight Modes.