Why are the SBUS frames non-standard compliant [solved]?

Hi people. There is a problem: autopilot Nora, in the settings through the Mission Planer for the 7 serial set SBus, bout 100000, 50Hz. And at the output instead of the standard 25 bytes with 0F at the beginning and 00 at the end, I get packets of 30 bytes with such content
0F 03 03 98 60 18 80 01 0C 03 06 B0 C0 18 C0 03 CC 60 8C 80 01 0C 03 06 B0 C0 18 00 01 FE. Help me understand what it is and how to set up exactly SBus

What FW version? What makes you say that the current implementation is wrong? What documents are you basing those affirmations on?

SBus uses even parity and two stop bits (8E2) rather than the usual 8N1 for many other applications. Make sure that you have the data format set correctly for however your monitoring the data frames.

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Thank you, you are right. The problem turned out to be that I set the 8n2 setting