Which Pixhawk for a Gasser?

Hey all, I have a Miniature Aircraft Whiplash with a 30cc Hanson and Zimmerman pipe. It is a sweet flyer with plenty of power even at our 3200’ elevation. I’ve been thinking about putting a Pixhawk in it and flying missions however I read somewhere that the Pix 2.1 is not a good choice for gassers. I have a Pixracer in my quad and it works well so I’m leaning towards that. Which Pixhawk is best for a gasser?

Pixracer will work fine in your heli. So will PH2.1. Just have to pay attention to the mounting to keep the vibration at acceptable levels. I like the smaller full-featured boards like the CUAV Pixhack V3. It is not much bigger than a FBL unit and mounts nicely to the FBL unit tray in most heli’s. Installation in my 766 Gas

Sorry for the late reply, thanks for that info Mr Olson!

What’s that (alu foil?) in front of the FC?

It’s part of a cover that goes over the controller to protect it from oil discharge from the two-stroke engine exhaust.

Oh, I see.
Those gassers are really interesting beasts…:grin:
Hopefully I’ll get one in the future.

Hi Chris,
Can you please post a picture with the controller covered with that foil. My controller on Nitro is getting an oily sheen, so I m thinking of doing this on that.


It’s made from that stuff you put in the windshield of your car to keep sun off the dash. It has the aluminum foil covering, then a thin layer of insulation, then some sort of synthetic backing.

I have an internal cover too to keep grease throw-off from the main thrust bearings off the servo rail.